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M A G N I - T R I M TM  





MAGNI-TRIMTM is an innovative hair trimming technique, created by

Carina Ayiesha Brown, that ensures that your trim is customized and

only the necessary amount of length is removed in the trimming






How many times have you been to a "scissor happy" stylist after

growing your hair out to get the trim that you know you need, only to

find all of your new lenghth on the floor? When you talk to your stylist,

does your complaint fall on deaf ears? I understands this frustration

because I've experienced it myself. I know what it feels like to take the

time to grow out your hair only to have someone cut it off without

thought or remorse for unnecessary prunning. 


With my technique, I invite you to see your hair in a way that you may

have never seen it before. . . up close and personal. When you see

your split ends and how far they may be along the hair shaft, you will

know how much length I am removing and why. Often times, It is only

necessary to remove 1/4 -1/2 inch. If more needs to be removed for the

health of the hair, you will know and I will not cut it without you being on



The clients that have been with me have enjoyed longer healthier hair.

If they want to cut it into a short style, I make sure that they are ready

so that they don't get cutter remorse. Please understand that I am not

afraid to cut your hair. But if growing longer hair is something that is a

goal for you, I'm going to help you meet your goal. 


Customer service is first! 


If you know its time for a trim, don't delay! Book your

MAGNI-TRIMTM  today and know that your curls are

safe with me.




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