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Welcome! Did you know that your "Do" could dance?

1st Jan 2014

    Welcome to www/  This is the place for artistic inspiration from the inside out. It is my personal

mission statement and offering to you. Whether it's beautiful natural hairstyles, specialty gift  items, healthy recipe ideas 

or reuse and repurposing tips, I hope that you find something here that inspires you to celebrate YOU...naturally. 

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Carina Ayiesha

My Dancing Do

                 By Carina Ayiesha

In my hair, raindrops transmutate,

Become diamonds suspended in space,

Watch as my nine ether helixers lace

Potential energy into kinetic,

When I let it,

Just BE

No more will I run from me.

Water is my friend, not my enemy.

My hair is not stressed 

So, no relaxers necessary.

My antennae tune in,

to ancient rhythms.

Can't you hear them? 

These spirals in my hair

Dance through time,

A sexy Caribbean wind.